Rune Stølan: Project Manager

Rune have a Master of Science, Political Science and Government from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He specialized within the fields of International political economy, political risk analysis and foreign direct investment. Through his education Rune has gained valuable International experience in India and London.

He came from the position as Project Manager / Consultant in the Industrial Development Unit in the Municipality of Stjørdal, where he facilitated for new and existing businesses within sectors such as transportation, logistics, trade, travel and tourism and manufacturing. The position within an governmental institution gave him valuable experience from policy development and opportunities within the public sector.

Rune is currently engaged as Project Manager at IDN (location: Oslo, Norway).

  1. Position: Project Manager
  2. Mobile: +47 400 41 425
  3. E-mail: Rune.Stolan@id-norway.com
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