Mila Marinkovic: Senior Advisor, Innovation Management

She posses Masters in International Economics School of Economics, University of Belgrade 2010, and Executive Masters in International and European Relations & Management Amsterdam School of International Relations, University of Amsterdam. 2003. Present position: Partner, International Development Norway (IDN), Ltd, Trondheim, Norway, Member of the Management Board, Foundation for Management and Industrial Research, Skopje, Macedonia. Expertise in sector analysis and market assessments.

More than 10 years of professional experience in development, management, evaluation and impact analysis of international donor funded projects. Specific experience: Norway, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine, Albania, Kosovo, Afghanistan (deskwork). Experience of conducing SMEs needs analysis, designing, organising and providing trainings related to financial modules. More then 10 years experience of institutional capacity building, designing strategies, operational programmes, actions and instruments for their implementation.

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