Jana Lukacova: Project Manager, SME Development

Jana have a Master Degree in Economics and management of SMEs drom the University of Matej Bel – Faculty of Economics. She is currently engaged as Project Manager at Intech Slovakia and in charge of preparation and execution of EEAgrants project in the Slovak energy sector, Internal quality auditing and Preparation of public procurement proposals. Her former egagements have been in Ind Consultant, Allexis s.r.o., Neulogy a.a. and Regional Advisory and Information Centre Presov. She have been in charge of complex business development consultancy (preparation of business plan, R&D project implementation management, coordination and problem solving of various business/project issues), evaluation of business ideas investment atractivity, preparation of analysis of the strategic development of selected R&D center of excellence in Slovakia, realization of technology audit (Projects, Academia & Business Partnerships, Organization) of selected Slovak universities and project preparation assistance related to the EU and national programmes aiming at R&D and Innovation support and development of knowledge society.

  1. Position: Project Manager, Consultant
  2. Mobile: +421 911 798 011
  3. E-mail: Jana.Lukacova@id-norway.com
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