Emilie Olderskog: Special Advisor, Corporate Sustainability/CSR

Emilie is a partner and senior advisor at Pure Consulting, one of Norway’s leading consulting firms with expertise in sustainable business practices. Pure has developed a model for how a company can build a solid sustainability strategy that supports business and create value for society.

Before joining Pure in the fall of 2014, Emilie worked at Nordic Choice Hotels for 11 years. She helped build the CSR department and has led projects within integration, ethics, culture building, HSE and more. Good internal and external communication of CSR made Nordic Choice Hotels the most attractive employer in the industry and a leader in sustainable strategies.

Emilie has through cooperation with IDN assisted companies in Romania and Polen.

International Marketing and Consumer Behaviour from Suffolk University in Madrid
Bachelor in Economics, Management, and Tourism from Lillehammer University

Her main areas of expertise are:
– Corporate Sustainability/CSR
– Business Ethics and anticorruption policies
– Supply Chain management
– Social Innovation and social entrepreneurship
– Communication and employer branding

Position at Pure: Senior Advisor and Partner
Location: Oslo
Mobile: + 47 99638449
E-mail: emilie@purecsr.no

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