Salsnes Filter AS

Salsnes Filter’s patented filter technology for wastewater treatment and effluent treatment is leading the Norwegian market in municipal primary treatment.

The food industry, the paper industry, fish farming and the cruise industry use the fully-automated treatment technology to treat effluent, secure good quality of incoming water or to improve utilization of raw materials. Salsnes Filter is also a competitive alternative to a primary settling stage for a traditional chemical/biological treatment facility or preventing MBR fouling.

The company runs its operation from Namsos in Norway. Activities within the Norwegian and international market are coordinated from here along with the operation of domestic projects including total delivery with training and service.

Salsnes Filter serves the foreign market through cooperation partners with classified distribution agent contracts. The company currently has contacts over the whole world and formalized agreements in Africa, South America, Mexico USA/Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Asia and large parts of Europe. With the exception of South Africa that has a license for production, production and product development, production and production development is at Salsnes (the place).

Visit www.salsnes-filter.no

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