Odessa National University named after II Mechnikov

The Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University is one of the country’s major universities. The university was founded in 1865, by an edict of Tsar Alexander II of Russia reorganising the Richelieu Lyceum of Odessa into the new Imperial Novorossiya University. In the Soviet era, the University was renamed Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University (literally, “Odessa National University named after I. I. Mechnikov”). During the century and a half of its existence, the University has earned the reputation of being one of the best educational institutions in Ukraine. The excellence of the University is also recognised outside Ukraine; Odessa National University is one of the highest-ranked universities in the world, occupying 48th place in one rating of universities worldwide. ¬†Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University comprises four institutes, ten faculties, and seven specialised councils. The University is famous for its scientific library, the largest and oldest of any university in Ukraine (3,600,000 million volumes, ranging from the 15th century to the present day).

The university and IDN cooperate in screening and promotion of technologies through the UNINI project funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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