North-East Science Center NAS – Kharkiv, Ukraine

North-East Science Center was organised in 1971 for coordinating the activities of research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of UkrSSR, higher educational institutions and other research organisations in studying science problems that are of importance for socio-economic and cultural progress of North-East region (Kharkiv, Sumy and Poltava oblasts).

In November 1992 North-East Science Center got the status of legal entity, research institution of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Its main lines of research activities are:

development and implementation of national and regional R&D and socio-economic programs and projects in the North-East region; independent assessment of the process of economic and R&D progress of the region, the state of its economy, the influence of market mechanisms on socio-economic situation; development and implementation of low-waste and waste-free environment-friendly science-intensive processes in the interests of industries developed in the region, primarily, of mechanical engineering complex; producing recommendations towards solution of fuel-and-energy problems of the region, relying on available natural and secondary raw materials; scientific maintenance of energy-efficiency measures and measurements identity at enterprises and institutions of the region; improving the processes of production and reproduction of species and cultures of plant-growing and stock-raising, which are of importance for the region.

Major research results and developments:

An integrated regional program of socio-economic progress of Kharkiv oblast ‘Kharkivshchina–2015’; a pilot project of creating a regional innovative system; the program of region’s innovative development, based on advanced spatial model of functioning of independent cluster components of the regional system; a technology of oil waste recycling by liquid-phase oxidation by air oxygen; a technology to determine the sources of disturbances that result in extra losses in electrical equipment and networks; an R&D program of accelerated commercial development of small-sized oil deposits of the North-East region of Ukraine; scientific recommendations towards storage and neutralization of unusable chemical means of plant protection; work has been done to ensure integral environmental monitoring of surface and underground water and mineral reserves of the region.

The Center and IDN cooperate in screening and promotion of technologies through the UNINI project funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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