Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The essential task of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to work for Norway’s interests internationally: to safeguard the country’s freedom, security and prosperity.

The best way to promote Norway’s interests is to cooperate with like-minded countries. The Ministry also works to promote peace and security, an international legal system, an economically just world order and sustainable development. Finding a solution to issues of this kind is in Norway’s interests too, while at the same time efforts in these areas are an expression of international solidarity.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the 106 foreign service missions, which include embassies, permanent delegations and general consulates, together make up the Foreign Service. The Foreign Service is an international, knowledge-based organisation, currently made up of 1400 people, of whom 770 are Ministry employees. At the foreign service missions, 630 staff members posted from Norway work alongside around 900 locally employed staff. With its eight departments, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the largest ministry in the Norwegian government administration.

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