INTECH Slovakia

Intech Slovakia, s. r. o. (ltd.) is a Slovak company running business in the field of energy efficiency. It was founded 1996 and is established in Bratislava. Since its founding, it has been dedicated to the optimisation of energy resources, energy distribution and consumption, and to the preparation of studies and energy audits.

We pay big attention to the use of renewable energy sources. We consider biomass utilisation for energy purposes a highly prospective and noteworthy trend in terms of energy efficiency. In this respect, we have rich experience in biogas utilisation and biomass combustion. We manifest our trust in renewable energy sources through their extensive utilisation in our own power facilities.

Given the high biomass consumption in the facilities of our company, we created the BIOFUEL Division in 2006 with the aim to ensure the supply of biomass for energy purposes. The BIOFUEL Division disposes of complex technical equipment today, and provides for biomass processing from the collection of wood in forests through mechanical processing, transport and storage. Besides fuel supply to our facilities, the BIOFUEL Division also guarantees stability of biomass supply to other customers who have been delivered boilers for biomass combustion by our company.

With regard to combined power and heat generation, we specialise in cogeneration units on the basis of gas combustion engines. We have implemented dozens of successful projects of combined power and heat generation in Slovakia. The cogeneration units installed by our company use natural gas, biogas, mine gas and propane as fuel.

We provide complex services in the field of cogeneration: advising, technical and economic input analyses of the efficiency of deploying cogeneration units, preparation of project documentation, instalment, commissioning, and servicing.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality services related to the optimisation of energy systems in order to achieve benefits for our customers in the field of cost saving, operation reliability, and environment protection.


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