Institute for Public Policy (IPP) – Romania

Institute for Public Policy (IPP) is a Romanian non governmental organization whose aim is to support an increased quality of the processes related to the development of public policies in Romania.

We committed to advancing high quality policies in the following main areas: transparency of the legislative process, reform of the local government system, fight against corruption and promotion of integrity at all local government levels, organization and operation of election systems and processes, funding of political parties, promoting the rights of the disabled, which made of IPP one of the most respected and experienced think-tank in Romania.

Together with its departments which coordinates the programs and activities of the Institute, the specialized divisions were created in the last two years to offer professional services to partners and clients, such as public authorities or private entities, that are interested in the Institute’ fields of excellence.

Consultancy/Technical Assistance Division of IPP provides integrated services to evaluate the performance of local government authorities’ management related to public services, as well as specialized assistance in preparing technical and financial documentation for accessing structural funds. Please contact us for further details.

Sociological Research Division of IPP provides specialized services in the field of sociological research – surveys, data mining and data processing.


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