The aim of the IMRO-DDKK Non-profit Ltd. founded in 2009 is the protection of the environment, renewable energy sources and energy sufficient solutions that encourage the use of tools, the environmentally conscious thinking and sustainable lifestyle education. The company is located in Nagykanizsa, Hungary, which currently operates with 5 permanent staff of experts and extensive subcontractor network.

The company’s main area of activity is in Western and Southern Transdanubia and the border region of the neighbouring countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Austria) but other countries’ organizations (Germany, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic) have also participated in most of the projects. During the projects the partners are similar activity organizations (e.g. Climate Alliance, MKNE), municipalities (e.g. Daruvar, Potsdam, Bonn, Villach) and educational institutions (e.g. University of Pannonia, University of Maribor, about 200 kindergartens and elementary schools).

The company provides technical and operational support to Nagykanizsa’s joint work with the Climate Alliance. The company operates the sustainability consultant office in Nagykanizsa, which provides technical advice for the entire population, the municipalities and educational institutions and enterprises on how to live and work in a sustainable way.


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