GFA Consulting Group

GFA Consulting Group has a sound track record of providing effective solutions to the challenges in the global consulting market. Based in Hamburg, the company has implemented complex studies and projects in over 130 countries since 1982.

Leading development agencies, ministries and public clients have entrusted GFA with helping them to manage projects financed through bilateral and multilateral funds. Working in cooperation with stakeholders in government, the private sector, NGOs and citizens’ groups, GFA balances innovation and reliability to meet local needs.

The company’s international recognition as a dependable partner is incorporated in a set of values which focuses on performance, innovation, credibility and quality.

GFA Consulting Group provides outstanding services in strategic business areas which result from adapting to market developments. This change process is supported by GFA offices, units and subsidiaries worldwide. Hence, new themes are continuously integrated into the existing GFA portfolio.

Project and program management as GFA’s core service encompasses planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. This is supplemented by feasibility and sector studies, and fund management.

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