Grupul Ecologic de Colaborare BUCOVINA (the Group for Ecological Collaboration „BUCOVINA“) is registered as a nongovernmental association, scientific, specialized, non-profit, independent, non patrimonial, with legal personality, established in 1997. which has the scope to protect nature through promotion of actions and socioeconomic founded projectsfor human-nature equilibrium.

The Management is ensured by the General Assembly of the Association Members. It convenes twice a year (ordinary meetings) or in extraordinary meetings, along its Status. The GeneralAssembly electsa Directory Council that ensures operational leadership. It is selected every 3 years and includes5 members. The President of the Directory Councilis MsLoreta Cautes, Ms Irina Licurici, Economic Director, Mihai Murărescu, Vice President, Beatrice Ştefănescu, Executive Secretary.

Even from founding it was remarked like an important presence in north area of Romanian through competence, interdisciplinary co-operation in ecological problems, active co-operation with local, national and international groups and officials, which applies an ecological politics, in sense of a complex activities approach and contradiction solution between the environment created by human and natural habitat.

Through the hole activity period, the organization had in its view that, through a complete information, pertinent and competent, to prevent nature degradation by exclusively profit oriented initiatives.


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