Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek

Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek is part of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek and is one of its oldest members. 18 October 2015 marked exactly 55 years of its foundation.

The mission of the Faculty of Agriculture (PFOS) is to develop and systematically improve the dynamic and multidisciplinary research environment in which to take maximum advantage of all the research potential and the improvement of existing and development of new knowledge to be constant.

Such an environment provides an excellent transfer of the latest knowledge and skills to students and provides them a place among the leading agronomic experts who will apply the latest scientific knowledge in production practice. PFOS with its research environment, education in agronomy and continuous development of knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong learning serves the community and contributes to the development of society as a whole. Faculty participated in 37 international projects in the last 10 years.


Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek

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