The Foundation for Management and Industrial Research (MIR)

MIR was been established in 2002 by SINTEF, one of the largest R&D institutes in Europe. For six years MIR was the main local partner to SINTEF’s projects in Macedonia for support of SMEs in different fields such as: operations management, supply chain management, vocational training, support to start-ups, building academy-industry partnerships for transfer of technology and know-how, practically oriented seminars for SMEs and undergraduate and post-graduate students etc. Active involvement in the development and implementation of SINTEF’s projects has provided MIR with technical capacity and expertise in different management fields and with an extensive network of SME clients, strong partnership with the academic sector and other innovation and business related stakeholders in the country. Using the knowledge and methodologies developed by SINTEF and NTNU (Technical University in Trondheim), the Foundation has created its generic toolbox for support of SMEs and for facilitating the technology transfer between the academic and private sector.

With the support of SINTEF, the MIR started the initiative for establishing of so-called Innovation Relay Centre (IRC) in Macedonia, as part of large European network for trans-national technology transfer (TT). This initiative resulted in the establishment of European Information and Innovation Centre in Macedonia (EIICM), a centre that since 2008 operates in the scope of the largest business support network in the world – Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) ( www.enterprise-europe-network.ec.europa). EIICM is project based initiative funded by EU and the Government of R. Macedonia, implemented by national consortium of 4 partners, coordinated by the largest university in the country (Ss. Cyril and Methodius – UKIM) and with MIR as the leading TT partner. This project is of strategic importance for MIR, representing a corner-stone in its development and enabling positioning of MIR. as suitable partner for EU funded projects.


From 2010 IDN has taken over the SINTEF engagement in MIR and are now appointing the BoD. IDN and MIR have a strategic cooperation and senior staff from MIR are engaged as associates/experts in IDN projects.


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