Sustainable Business Models in Slovak Bioenergy Sector (SBM – Bioenergy)

IDN has been involved as a project partner in the two biggest projects supported under GII programme in Slovakia. While both projects have been implemented in the bioenergy sector, they are different in several ways. The same can be said about other projects implemented in the GII programme in Slovakia. Their chosen business models and risk profiles will be critical for the long-term success.

IDN wants to use this project opportunity to deepen bilateral cooperation with Slovak partners from GII programme. Considering IDNs strategy for Central Eastern Europe, the SBM- Bioenergy project has been prepared in order to deepen bilateral cooperation between IDN and its Slovak partners from GII Programme, as well to establish new promising partnerships with other project promoters and consulting organizations. This cooperation would not only enable sharing of experiences and lesson learned during GII projects implementation but will also help to generate synergy effect between conducted projects, develop a future strategy of the bioenergy sector in Slovakia and new areas of cooperation.


The main objectives of the SBM – Bioenergy project is:

1. Identify future scenarios/directions for bio-energy in Slovakia (based on experiences with implemented business models in Slovak and EEA projects)

2. Increase awareness of GII project promoters in Slovakia off possible risks which may impede their long-term success and provide proposal of solutions

3. Create a platform for communication (sharing information) in bioenergy sector in Slovakia

4. Develop new business and project areas of bilateral cooperation


The SBM – Bioenergy project will consist of six main activities:

1. Interview with all six EEA GII projects promoters to identify implemented business model and future plans. In order to acquire proven data, IDN together with the Slovak partner energy analytics, s.r.o. will conduct in-depth interviews with GII project promoters, what will provide a sound research basis for further project activities.

2. Comparing findings with best practice in other countries. In order to benchmark, but also seek for best practice findings from the research will be compared with projects in other donor/EEA countries.

3. Presenting the findings in report/presentation. The results of the study carried under Activity 1 and 2 will be enclosed in the report and presented to the Project Promoters.

4. Presenting and discussing the findings at a workshop with project promoters (and other interested entities). In order to develop individual future actions and overall strategy in the bioenergy market in Slovakia, IDN will organize one workshop which shall be delivered in accordance with the Ideeserch methodology (methodology successfully applied in advisory and support provided to Norwegian companies).

5. Adding conclusions from the workshop into the report. After the workshop focusing on the future development, the SBM Bioenergy Report will be supplemented with conclusions on further steps and scenarios.

6. Publishing the report – creating online space at http://energia.dennikn.sk/, the Slovak most popular information website in the energy sector, which will be devoted particularly to Slovak bioenergy news.

The project will be implemented during the period 06.09.2016 – 01.31.2017. It is supported by the EEA and Norway Grants within the Measure B of Bilateral Fund / Green Industry Innovation in Slovakia.

IDNs project partner in Slovakia for this project is Energy Analytics, s. r. o.


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