SINBIO (Sustainable Innovation in Bioenergy) – INTECH – Slovakia


Current district heating systems in Slovakia consist of old environmentally ineffective technologies and heat production depends on externally supplied natural gas. Thus energy production is not stable, leave huge ecological footprint and does not promote local economy and use of local renewable sources. SINBIO project fits with wider objective to strengthen regional development of behind lagging regions (Middle and Eastern Slovakia) and to reach Europe energy targets of use renewables by 2020.

Project objectives          

Increased biomass production, newly launched environmental technologies and green jobs created in Middle and Eastern Slovakia.

What is the project expected to achieve? (describe project outcome)        Installed energy generation facility in towns Trebišov, Tlmače and Poltár to produce heat from local biomass and applied knowledge of Norwegian partners throughout whole energy value chain.

Project Output

Benefits for target groups

The project will target public by providing stable and effective heat supply from local biomass. Other beneficiaries are local business (biomass producers and others) and unemployed who will benefit from fuel base change (from natural gas to local biomass) and increased volume of biomass processed by logistics centres.

Roles of Norwegian partners

The partner International Development Norway will contribute with expertise on sustainable integrated use of different local renewable resources by innovative technological solutions.

The partner Norsk institutt for skog og landscap will contribute with expertise on energy crops cultivation suitable for heat production on unused lands.

The partner Norskog will contribute with expertise on streamlining complex logistics operations.

Partner achievements

International Development Norway together with Intech Slovakia will develop strategy for further development of energy facility in Trebišov based on conducted analysis by Norwegian partner.

Norsk institutt for skog og landscap in cooperation with Slovak research institutes will based on the conducted analysis recommend energy crops suitable for cultivation on unused lands in Trebišov town district.

Norskog will help Intech Slovakia based on the assessments streamlining its logistics operations and management by creating of procedures, manuals and trainings for employees.

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