Regional strategy on reduction of green-house gas emissions from buildings – Latvia

Wind turbine at sunsetResearch “Regional strategy on reduction of green-house gas emissions from buildings in largest cities in Kurzeme Planning region, using satellite imaging and state-of-the-art thermal auditing technologies”.

This project is necessary to promote awareness and capacity of municipality as well as greater society to use satellite data from Earth observation satellites that is soon to be available to any user from the European Union Copernicus program.

The aim of the research is to develop a methodology by which municipality’s decision-makers will be able to plan a transparent building insulation measures, monitor maintenance costs, investments, greenhouse gas (GHG) and CO2 emissions, as well as any other gained benefits.

To ensure qualitative implementation of this project 5 activities are arranged in logical order, during which satellite data will be obtained and processed, information on current activities and investments in insulation of municipality building from municipalities obtained and categorized, calculation methodology developed for investment return rate and benefits to be calculated, and a regional strategy for future action planning will be developed.

The result of the Project is a strategic plan that would be probated as a pilot-project for the selected set of 5 largest municipalities of Kurzeme region. However it would also facilitate increase of capacity of all other municipalities in Kurzeme region as well as in the whole territory of Latvia to prioritize and financially support investment planning for retro-fitting of municipal buildings.

IDN will contribute with experts on renewable energy and environmental technology that will be part of the team that make analysis of data from the research and help develop a strategy for the region.

The Lead Partner is Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP)



European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 Programme “National Climate Policy” Small Grant Scheme open tender “Capacity Building in the Field of Research and Measures for Enhancing Society’s Understanding about Climate Change and its Consequences” Project No. 2/EEZLV02/14/GS/058


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