Nature to nature- efficient waste management environmentally-friendly products – Hungary

A Stolan  EMI (00000002)IDN have joined a team of partners in Hungary lead by BERN Constructions Ltd, located in Sìklos. The project seek to develop environmental friendly products for the building industry.

The project’s long term goal as a result of experimental development and innovation is to reduced emission, to achieve better material efficiency during production, more efficient management and processing of waste and the creation of new, more environmentally-friendly products (e.g. energy efficient, material saving) aiming to reduce pollution. Within this framework, to reduce economical and social inclusion and to build bilateral partnership between Hungarian and Norwegian partners.

During the poultry processing, over 7-10 000 tons of waste, by-product appears, which mostly becomes compost or is burnt. Discovering the opportunities that the feather holds (good isolation, good structure built of polymers), the project will develop methods to allow secondary raw material production. In order to achieve this goal, through a research & development process, the project will create new ways and techniques for new product production.

IDN tasks in the project:

The Lead Partner is BERN Constructions Ltd

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