Match-making forum in knowledge transfer between industry and academia ( MSODI)

IMG_8929Innovating is meeting of various people, ideas and competences. In the framework of system project, run by the Mazovian Marshall’s Office “Masovian Consulting and Information Centre Network in the scope of innovation (MSODI)” International Development Norway AS was responsible for organization of 2 day meeting for the companies and researchers looking for a common opportunites.

We invited over 100 people to meet and talk on prearanged appointments, coming from a number of buisness sectors. Match-making Forum has been designed as one of the coherent system activities run by Marshall’s Office of Mazovia togehter with the educational compenent and small grants scheme which should available during 2014. MSODI project is funded by European Social Fund within the framework of Operational Programme Human Capital.

IDN was resposible for overall organzation of the event – including recrtuitment and pre-assesment for the ideas, practical organization and promotion of the Forum.

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