Kosovo ICT Innovation HUB – Concept Study

Many initiatives for establishing incubator, but no complete concept presented by serious and experienced institution.

The project will focus on how to build on and cooperate with existing Norwegian project/efforts in Kosovo, like the ICT association STIKK and the vocational education/school project.

The main objective is to identify the external conditions, select suitable stakeholders and a concept for establishing an commercial Innovation HUB i Kosovo and based on this make proposal for a 3 years implementation project.

The overall goal for a commercial Innovation HUB in Kosovo should be job creation based on commercial business ideas with significant growth potential, accelerated by the incubator services including adequate access to financial capital and international partners.ovo) as Lead partner was Leiv Eirikson Nyskaping and with STIKK (ICT Association Kosiovo) as local partner. The project was funded by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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