Improved Competitiveness and Innovation – Serbia

The  Improved SME Competitiveness and Innovation Project (ICIP) provides assistance to the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development (MoERD) and the National Agency for Regional Development (NARD). ICIP is a 30 month long project with total value of 3 Million EURO and was launched in May 2010.

The primary purpose of the project is to improve the quality, range and availability of business support services for the SME sector in Serbia and to support a business environment and associated institutional capacity that will foster the development of innovative and competitive SMEs. The SME sector in Serbia employs a million people and this project recognizes the essential role that they will play in the economic prosperity of the country, as well as its regional economic development. In launching ICIP the MOERD reflects the goals of both Small Business Act for Europe to improve business environment for small enterprises and the Strategy EUROPE 2020 for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

IDN staff will be involved in the assessments and capacity building of Business and Innovation Support Organizations in Serbia. Project homepage: www.icip-serbia.org

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