IDN is operator of call for proposals supporting joined SME/research projects


In June 2014 IDN, supported by TFoU, was awarded with the public contract by the Marshall’s Office of Mazovia for organization and operating an open call for the proposals addressed to SME’s seated in the region dedicated to joined research projects. All applicants had to prove a partnership with research institution and a good idea for project which will increase innovation in the company. In the call for proposals there was over 40 proposals submitted, 20 of them will be awarded with the small grant ( 20 000 PLN) for realisation of joined projects.

IDN has been responsible for whole process all the way – starting from development of the regulation of the call, organization of the Operator’s office, receiving and assessing of the applications. At the final stage of the call we have handled ranking lists of the evaluated proposals to the Marshall’s Office which now is in the process of signing the contracts. The last part of the project will be organization of the summing up conference which be held in September 2014 in Warsaw. Grants will be awarded for different companies and ideas – starting from developing an IT tool for judgment in proffessional horse racing, trough development of the algoritms aplied in mobile health devices to projects assesing and increasing features of wood or concret.  We cross the fingers for all of them!

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