Greener production and management processes in the ceramic tiles industry – SANEX – Romania

it explain naturel recycle. Three arrows follow eachother.Romanian market for floor tiles is rapidly growing. SANEX has specialized to produce wall tiles and cannot cope with the demand for floor tiles as the existing production lines work at maximum capacity.

The project’s objective is to enable SANEX to take advantage of current business opportunities in the ceramic tiles market while greening the company’s production and management processes. Compared to the current levels, the project is expected to: Increase drying capacity of ceramic tiles by about 40%; Reduce natural gas consumption by 14-18% and Improve management practices and increase employee awareness of environmental issue.

Through the project, a new spray dryer with a larger capacity will be purchased and a new construction will be built to install it – as first steps necessary to provide sufficient powder to feed a new production line used exclusively for floor tiles production planned to be implemented in next years. The main beneficiaries will be SANEX’s employees, customers and local community.

The expertise of IDN Norway in the field of CSR/sustainable development will help SANEX develop a CSR strategy and will strengthen the bilateral relations.

The Lead Partner is SC Sanex SA

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