PRODINCOM – Business and Environmental Improvements in meat industry (ESD Romania)

The project is a sub-project under ESD Romania funded by Norway Grants and administrated by Innovation Norway. The project promoter and project beneficiary will jointly integrate the plans for the services and investments into one joint Project Implementation Plan. Project partners are SINTEF (lead) and ECOIND. IDN have leased out Project Manager and other experts to SINTEF.

The services provided by SINTEF and ECOIND intent to consist of the following main activities:

The intent was to focus the investments on state of the art equipment and solutions for developing the meat producing facility. Among the acquisitions is a state-of-the-art incinerator for organic waste (mainly meat and bones from meat processing facility). The incinerator will have the capability of sustain combustion using organic waste and a system of recovering the heat generated in preparing hot water for use in the meat processing technology of the company. The equipment will comply with all legal norms and regulation in force in EU / Romania for the type of waste processed.

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