Environmental Technology Transfer – Mazowsze – Poland

Development the methods of technology transfer in the field of environmental protection in the region of Mazowsze.

The Project is supported by the EEA and Norway Grants scheme therefore the overall goal of the project is to contribute to bilateral relations between Polish and Norwegian entities. The main goal of the Project is develop the optimal technology transfer model, which could be applied in Poland on the basis of the Norwegian best practices in that field.

The respective areas for the Project are Mazovia and Tr√łndelag and in regard to the field of interest the focus shall be kept on the environmental protection issues. The level of innovation is quite low in respected area, still in Poland scientific knowledge has been recognized as a key input factor leading to innovation, business development, and wealth creation, but there is not much done to support the technology transfer process and the science itself. In this area we experience the support provided by international donors as EU of EEA. National grant schemes are far insufficient for the needs. This project shall be considered as the chance to create a platform of exchange and business relations for both Norwegian and Polish institutes dealing with the environmental technologies.

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