EcoVillage – Slovakia & Ukraine

The project EcoVillage aims at creating of active partnership network to support ecovillages development, promote green tourism attractions, as well as raising awareness of the need to build sustainable communities exploiting renewable energy in the border region and beyond its borders.

The project is implemented by the lead partner Hriňovská energetická in cooperation with 3 Ukrainian partners – Perechynska state administration, bordering to the the districts of Eastern Slovakia, the Ukrainian energy company Ukrajinska energetična in Uzhgorod, Ukranian advertising company Ukraine Art in Kyiv and IDN (in cooperation with youth RES promotion organization UngEnergi). Project partners will be the co-founders of the network – The EcoVillage association.

Implementation of the project will be actively promoted and supported by the Association of Towns and Communities of Slovakia (ZMOS). During the project, the realization is expected also engagement from other local administrations in both countries, as well as associations/agencies promoting tourism, regional development, and businesses. The project envisages involvement of 13 partners from Slovakia, Ukraine, and Norway in the network. The network EcoVillage will focus on the implementation of three major initiatives:

Main activities:

  1. Building of the partner network Ecovillage
  2. Assessment of the sustainability level of local communities/villages and mapping of tourist attractions in the border region
  3. Roadshow of the mobile education center (MEC)
  4. Cross-border workshops for mayors in the border region
  5. Services of Information centers for the development of ecovillages/ecotourism in the border region
  6. Promotion of eco-tourism in the border region

IDN contributes with consultations on the content layout of mobile education center roadshow and a best practice report on the concept of Eco Village in Europe.

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