Water and climate at our school – Teplika, Slovakia

Základná škola Žofie BosniakovejBackground

After the construction of the Žilina Water Reservoir on the Váh river, the Teplica brook started to deform. Curved banks, flash-floods or low water-table result from low water-adaptation capacity of the enclosed territories. Hence, the Catholic Primary School decided to widen the perspectives of its pupils and teenage students in these terms by implementing a systematic strategy of how to cope with the issue of rainwater management.

The project deals with:
– Capturing of surface rainwater from the firm impervious surfaces and roofs of the school buildings where the rainwater trickles down to the sewerage.
– Elaboration and publicity of thematic school outlines focused on management of rainwater and climate changes.
– Thematic environmental activities.

Name of program area: Adjustment to a climate change- the floods and drought prevention

Aim of the project: To enhance awareness and education in the field of adjustment to a climate change

Target group: children, students, teachers, parents and local community

Results of the project:
– Elaboration and publicity of outlines for primary and secondary schools focused on management of rainwater and the connection with climate change.

– Publishing of all information about the program “Adjustment to a climate change- the floods and drought prevention” for general public.

Place of the realization: the project will be located in the school campus between A-block, baggage room and gym, in the places where rainwater trickles down from the roofs and troughs.

Information about activities will be published on the school webpage on the subpage Project “Water and climate at our school”.

Lead partner: Základná škola Žofie Bosniakovej, Teplička nad Váhom, Slovakia

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