Carpathian Portal – Slovakia & Ukraine

IDN participate in the EEA & Norway Grants cross-border project Carpathian Portal. The project aims to promote the cross-border region between Slovakia and Ukraine as a tourist destination. The are have many attributes that make it an attractive tourist destination, but it is lacking a coordinated promotion. The implementation period is from April 2016 – April 2017 and the main target of the projects is the creation of a tourist web-portal. IDN participates with Norwegian experts on developing tourist destinations and web-portals.

Main tasks in the project:

1)      Make web-portal for tourism in the region (historic sites and monuments, services, transportation, accommodation, map, contact information and so on)

2)      QR-code 400 tourist sites and monuments in the region

3)      Make application for mobile phone, based on web-portal and QR-code service

4)      Make tourist guide for hand outs

IDN tasks in the project:

1)      Best practice report on tourist portals based on experiences from Norway and the World

2)      Participation in workshop/conference with expertise on web portals and tourism

Project promoter: For Region

Other partners:


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