Business development and employment growth in the company STAMAP, Ltd – Slovakia

STAMAP Presov- logoThe project is focused on the need to solve the problem of territory disparities in the Slovak Republic – increasing the employment and supporting the economy of rural areas and the need for investment and support of small businesses in the field of energy production.

The objective of the project is to increase competitiveness, business development and the increase of employ-ability in the company, through investment in the production of briquettes and pellets, their distribution and transformation of heating methods in favor of biomass for consumers.

The project is expected to increase employ-ability and business development in the company and these challenges addressed through collection and harvesting of biomass (efficient use of natural resources), establishment of a logistics center (processing and manufacture of products from OZE) and investment in the equipment (transformation of defective heating methods).

The project will benefit unemployed and disadvantaged people, for businesses, public and local government. The partnership will achieve effective implementation of the project, support of project sustainability and increase of proficiency.

The Lead Partner is STAMAP, ltd

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