Bogota ICT Incubator & Accelerator

Entrepreneurship in Colombia and Bogota is seen as an economic development driver, however, access to financing, training, networking and other common characteristics of a thriving ecosystem are still either missing or in initial stages. The entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem is beginning to take shape both in Bogota and Colombia, but it is still far from its US and European counterparts – especially when it comes to growing out of the home country. Having access to international best practices, knowledge and successful experiences could provide an important boost to accelerate and optimise its development.

In accomplishing ProBogota’s mandate of contributing to transforming Bogota in a better place to live, work and invest, economic and social development is a key strategic focus. We truly believe that an effective way to boost job creation and income generation is through promoting entrepreneurship and
strengthening SMEs in specific sectors already defined as a strategic focus for the city and the region.

Establishing Bogota ICT Incubator & Accelerator (BICTIA), dedicated to strengthen and provide support along its value chain, to ICT start-ups and SMEs mainly focused on the B2B market; building capabilities to deliver affordable and pertinent high impact ICT products and services to SMEs on the five specialization areas defined by Bogota’s Smart Specialization Strategy.

BICTIA’s portfolio has been structured over three main intervention axis:

ProBogota (www.probogota.org) is the lead partner and implementing partners are Oslo International Hub (www.oslointernationalhub.com) and International Development Norway (IDN).  Mckinsey is an advisory partner based a pro bono agreement.

IDN’s role in the project is to assist ProBogota in Project Management including monitoring and reporting. Further, we will assist startups in improving their place in the ICT Value Chain and target business opportunities in other sectors.

The project is funded by the NORAD – Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (www.norad.no).



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