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Biopel WEBBackground

In an effort to promote the use of biomass and solar energy as renewable energy sources (RES), the EU launched the Action Plan for the use of Biomass covering every level from regional to European.

The government of the Slovak Republic, with an eye to the potential of biomass and solar energy and supporting their use, created a National Action Plan for energy from RES for the period 2014-2020, which points to the possibilities and likewise the necessity of using available raw materials that have so far been unused. Slovakia is committed to increasing the share of RES in its total energy consumption to the ambitious goal of 14% by 2020.

This project aims to support and increase the use of biomass in Slovak regions, mainly through increasing knowledge of and trust in the product among specific target groups. This will substantially contribute to achieving the goals spelled out in the National Action Plan, as well as in the Action Plan of the EU. One of the basic strategic goals of the EU is to promote the energy independence of the EU, while reducing CO2 emissions and strengthening local economies. In keeping with the strategic goals of the EU, biomass has the highest potential of available local energy sources, estimated to be able of covering 25% of gross domestic energy needs.

The goal of the organization BIOPEL, working through the Biomass Logistics Centre (hereinafter BLC) project, is to greatly increase support for the use of biomass in the regions of Zilina and Trencin, which will naturally have a carry-over effect on a large part of Slovakia. BLC is creating a complete logistical system for bio-fuels – harvest, processing, support for biomass production, storage, packaging and distribution. BIOPEL aims to increase awareness of the lay and professional public of biomass as a realistic and renewable energy source.

The goal is to increase Slovakia’s use of biomass and solar for heating and hot water in public and private buildings. With this aim, the project will markedly contribute to fulfilling the National Action Plan for energy from RES. In addition, the project aims are in full accord with the EU strategy “Europe 2020”. The key goals of that strategy relevant to the attached project are: achieving a 20% stake for energy from RES by 2020; a 20% reduction in emissions of greenhouse gasses; and 75% employment  among people 20-64 years of age.

The project’s aims are designed  specifically to achieve the key strategic goal of Europe 2020 –

achieving a 20% stake for energy from RES by 2020. With increased use of biomass, the project contributes secondarily to reducing CO2 emissions, to the creation of new employment opportunities, and to the development of the local economy.

Project Objective

The main objective is to increase awareness and utilization of renewable energy sources – especially biomass and solar – through the creation of a Biomass Logistics Centre (hereafter “BLC”). BLC will be focused on securing wooden raw materials, processing, and sales of a whole array of bio-fuels, including pellets for domestic or industrial use, briquettes, wood-chips, dried woods, and alternative pellets and briquettes. The expectation is yearly sales of 25,000 tons of fuel ready for final use.

To be achieved

Implementation of the project to build the BLC will secure:

Project Output

Installation of equipment for the production of energy using biomass


Creation of the logistics centre

 Support for the production of biomass

Established knowledge of Norwegian experts

Expected benefits for target groups

The project provides support for small and medium size businesses in Slovakia, in order to support their development and create new employment opportunities in the market for biomass. Support is provided to the beneficiary, but also partners who will receive assistance acquiring quality tools and equipment to enhance the quality and safety of their work, thus increasing their competitiveness and mutual support for the market in biomass.

Another group of entrepreneurs will be supported by the purchase of their goods by BLC for storage, sale and distribution.

Students are a very important target group as well. Students must be educated and trained for possible future work with RES, particularly with biomass and solar. The project connects students and young people to various activities, where they gain new insights in the area of biomassuse, which is still little known in Slovakia. The project has a strong connection with students from technical universities. A comprehensive demonstration of biomass and solar in use, will serve provide an excellent learning tool for these students.

The project will also target the general public who, through consultations and various organized promotional events, will receive information about renewable energy sources and the benefits of their use.

Donor partner and role of partner          

Norwegian Forestry Group – partner to strengthen bilateral relations within the field of biomass processing.

International Development Norway – partner to strengthen bilateral relations within the fields of financial analysis and research.

What will the partnership achieve?        

Norwegian partners will use their experience and expertise to contribute to the strengthening of bilateral relations with all partners in the project, as well as with other interested groups.

In addition, the Norwegian partners will contribute to the project by presenting new technologies for biomass processing, and for the efficient processing and analysis of economic and financial development of companies in the field.

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