Sustainable regional development – Slovakia & Ukraine

IDN participate in the EEA & Norway Grants project “Analysis and assessment of the state of the environment in the border region SK-UA to ensure the sustainability of the area”.

The territory of the Slovakia – Ukraine border is characterized by many peculiarities. These are as well in the natural – climate area as in cultural or economic area. Historical links between territories associated with low linguistic and cultural barriers create conditions for effective participation in the joint development of the adjacent area.

In terms of environmental zoning, the border area is characterized by the heterogeneity of the environment: from high-quality environment in the north (1st grade of protection, with the existence of the National Park Poloniny) to the deteriorated environment (4th grade – Zemplin burdened area and severely disturbed Latorica zone). This state of the environment extends to the border regions of Ukraine.

In economic terms, it is the least economically developed regions of Slovakia.

The project anticipates an analysis of the environment in the border area and it results in modeling variants of efficient land use involving the local population so that the proposed solutions contribute to the sustainable economic development of the area while protecting the environment.

To achieve these objectives, several subjects from the Slovak and Ukraine will participate in the project, in order to ensure the heterogeneity of scientific and professional profile of partners (universities, research institutes, management of the national park, etc.). IDN participates with knowledge from Norway and Europe within the sustainable development of regions.

Project Activities:

  1. Mapping the state of components of the environment in the SR-UA border area
  2. Analysis of the economic potential and the socio-economic infrastructure of the area
  3. Mapping and analysis of the specifics of the border areas´ development using also the experience of partners from other countries/areas.
  4. Proposal for sustainable development of analyzed area while respecting regional specifics and ensuring the environment protection of the SR-UA border area.


  1. Survey of the components of environment and their quality in the SR-UA border area
  2. Survey of the economic development potential of the area
  3. Comparative analysis of the border areas development -examples of good practice
  4. Proposal of possibilities of sustainable utilization of SK-UA border area.

Project Promoter: University of Prešov

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