Waste Treatment Solutions for Serbian Meat Producer Sector

Serbian business delegation led by President Tadic, Minister of Trade and Director of Serbian Chamber of Commerce, visited Oslo in early May 2010. During the visit, a business forum and various individual meetings between companies have been organized. Norwegian companies dealing with waste management expressed the interest to develop cooperation with meat processing industry in Serbia.

The Norwegian companies consider Serbia to be a very attractive market for their technology. On the other side, the Serbian meat processing industry is looking for international partners in order to upgrade its waste treatment technology. This project is proposed in order to facilitate follow up of the activities initiated during this event. The overall goalof the project is to contribute to increasing the maturity level of the Serbian meat processing industry and increase competitiveness for better positioning on the international market, in accordance with international requirements within targeted industry.

This is to be achieved through the use of the following instruments

Project partners

The project stakeholders that have interest for resolution of the waste treatment problems in meat industry will be municipalities from the south-east Serbia. As the Consortia member of EEN Serbia, Serbian Chamber of Commerce will also use EEN Serbia, with its strong network among companies. Project stakeholders that have a strong network among Norwegian companies, will be:

The project is funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.

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