Anders Stølan: CEO/President

Anders Stølan: CEO/President

Mr. Stølan holds a M.Sc. degree at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH), within technical-economic planning in regional and urban areas. Master thesis focused on Regional and Local Economic Impacts of Petrochemical Industrialization.

Presently he is the President/CEO of International Development Norway. He was a Research Director at SINTEF, one of the largest Scandinavian research institutes , in the period 1997-2003, and 2004-2008, as well as scientist in SINTEF Industrial Management, Economics and Logistics. As a researcher on “commercialization of technology” he was engaged at Surrey Technology Centre, Surrey University, Guildford UK, 2003-2004. He also has experience as assistant professor, Department of Managerial Economic and Operations Research, at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Mr. Stølan has extensive international experience in project development management and consulting, local economic development, innovation and trans-national technology transfer. More than 20 years of practice experience in delivering and managing SME innovation and competitiveness actions. In total more than 12 years of experiences in building up and manage research activities in SINTEF and proven competences in terms of R&D and innovation within Norway, Europe and developing countries. Direct access to numerous institutions and networks regarding technology innovation, innovative SMEs, regional development and science and technology policy. Experience in managing projects funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA), EU funded: Framework Programmes, Competitiveness Innovation Programmes (CIP), EEA grants, but also private clients (industry).

Of significant importance is his engagement at the projects with technology transfer and commercialization of technology, innovative solutions in solar energy and their contribution to decentralized robust solutions and job creation (project Technology & Business Cooperation Norway-Uzbekistan), Waste Treatment Solutions (2011-2013 Serbia), Process and Supplier Industry Development based on Natural Gas in Uzbekistan (2010-2011), Local Innovation and Business Development in Bioenergy and Plastic Recycling, Romania (2009-2011¬). In the period 2008-2012 he also provided support in Technological Innovations in Micro Combined Cooling Heating Power Romania (mCCHP Innovation), WEEE Technology Transfer and Promotion between Norway-Poland, as well as Environmental Technology Transfer Mid-Norway Poland and Joint Applied Research and Economic Cooperation between Norway and Kharhov Region.

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  1. Position: CEO/President
  2. Location: Norway
  3. Mobile: +47 92442175 (Norway)
  4. Mobile: +380 987729377 (Ukraine)
  5. E-mail: Anders.Stolan@id-norway.com

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Carol Tissot, Project Manager

Carol Tissot, Project Manager

Carol has a bachelor degree in International Relations from ESPM in Porto Alegre, Brazil. After three years working in different positions in companies/organizations like Hyundai, AIESEC and PwC she did her M.Sc in Globalization, Politics and Culture at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. From August – December 2016 she did a 30 ECTS internship at IDN as part of her Master Program. Building on that she now works as a project manager in dedicated projects for the company.

  1. Position: Project Manager
  2. Location: Trondheim, Norway
  3. Mobile: +47 405 68 648
  4. Email: carol.tissot@id-norway.com

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Torkel Ystgaard: Special Advisor, Innovation Support Systems

Torkel Ystgaard: Special Advisor, Innovation Support Systems

Mr Torkel Ystgaard is a 62 years of age engineer with profound knowledge and experience from several development and leadership positions in the Norwegian innovation ecosystem.

His long work experience include developing new technology in Norwegian R&D institutions, management of food processing industry, executive positions in the mass media sector and in several private and public institutions supporting innovation.

Mr Ystgaard has devoted a large part of his career to regional development and has been instrumental in designing and implementing several successful programs for regional economic growth in Norway. He invented the Norwegian Technology Incubator Program, and the very successful network of rural innovation centers called “Næringshager” (literally “Business Gardens”).

In addition to his work in Norway Mr.Ystgaard has been active internationally as well. In cooperation with various Norwegian governmental entities, he has designed and implemented aid financed programs for support of innovation and economic growth in countries like Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Ukraine, Latvia and Moldova.

Mr. Ystgaard is retired from his position as Executive Vice President of the Norwegian state owned corporation Siva. (The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway). He is now acting as a Special Advisor within Innovation support systems to IDN – International Development Norway AS.

  1. Position:Special Advisor
  2. Location:Norway
  3. Mobile:+47 91383168
  4. E-mail:Torkel.Ystgaard@id-norway.com

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